India - 47th anniversary of legalized abortion and 300 million murdered since 1971

(Live Action News) “Man will turn into the cancer of the planet,” said Julian Huxley after seeing crowds gathered on the banks of the Ganges in India….

10 Aug, 2018 By Uyirkkural

DOLLARS, DISGUST AND DISCRIMINATION - 10 quotes that prove international pressure for population control in India

Unlike western countries abortion and contraception came into India not as a result of ‘women’s rights’ or ‘choice’ movement but, as a weapon of population control. Indians did…

07 Aug, 2018 By Uyirkkural

India celebrates World Population day by setting up sterilization camps for poor

India celebrates 2018 World Population Day by setting up sterilization camps for men and women in poor districts of the country. In observing the World Population Day the health…

10 Jul, 2018 By Uyirkkural


It is quite uncommon for an average Indian to be familiar with Margaret Sanger. However, if the mainstream media is going to quote her in all their discourses…

04 Mar, 2018 By Uyirkkural

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