Precious FeetTM

The Precious Feet pins widely used in promoting and defending life across the globe is now available in India. Uyirkkural in collaboration with Heritage House brings this amazing symbol to India to help those working to defend human dignity in it’s nascent stage to show the undeniable truth about the incredible beauty of life. These precious feet pins are the approximate size of the feet of 10 week old baby in the womb.

While 16 million abortions being performed in India every year and with no proper tools available to those who seek to defend life we are happy to bring this tool that would help in furthering conversation about life, dignity and reverence to human being. These pins have been an amazing tool effecting change of heart of those unable to see the violence of abortion.

History of Precious Feet Pin

In 1970 Dr. Russel Sacco a urologist was terrified by the reality that courts have legalized the killing of innocent unborn children in America. He experienced the horror of abortion when his friend who is a pathologist showed him a bucket of formaldehyde in which babies killed by abortion were immersed. Terrified at witnessing the bodies of the tiny babies he asked the pathologist if he could take pictures of the babies. From among the bodies he took a tiny feet of a 10 week baby and held it between his fingers and photographed them. This picture caused quite a stir and became an international symbol for the Pro Life movement.

As opposed to the claim of those who support abortion especially first trimester abortions that the baby is just a blob of tissue, this tiny feet clearly depicts the humanity of the unborn child in the mother’s womb.

Dr. Russel Sacco
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Do you know that the baby in the womb kicks and moves before 10 weeks

By 10 weeks the baby …
  • Yawns, Kicks, rolls eye downward, sucks it’s thumb, stretches, moves the head opens the mouth
  • Herat, brain, kidneys,
  • The baby has tooth buds and his or her own finger prints
  • All spinal and cranial nerves present.
  • Response to touch
  • By 8 weeks the embryo has more than 4000 parts (adults have about 4500)
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