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Love is the force that animates this universe and gives everything its purpose and meaning. The answer to anything and everything. While it’s complicated to understand 'love' in the present culture which celebrates selfishness, two perfect traits makes

The systemic attack on womanhood and motherhood began in India in 1940’s when proponents of Eugenic policies and Population Control saw that the best way to destroy India is to attack its family. And what holds family together than the ideal woman? "The

The Abortion Act which was renamed as Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act 1971 to handle opposition from people made it legal to end the life the child up to 20 weeks. The law was passed not as a result of Women's Rights movement but for Eugenics reason

The Medical Termination of Pregnancy Act ( MTP Act) has been the reason to the brutal death of 4-6 million/ 40-60 lakh pre born Indians every year. All of a sudden love becomes conditional. Mother Teresa said "That special power of loving that belongs to

Following the notorious One Child Policy of China India rather stealthily introduces its Family Planning Program with compensations, rewards and punishments. following China and Japan India takes dramatic efforts to control population through Abortion. Me

According to Professor Jha of Global Health Research center 12 million girls were aborted in just 3 decades. Abortion is used by those who can afford ultrasound technology to detect the gender of their offspring and get rid of the baby using the loopholes

Abortion for the sake of family welfare and national welfare has transcended to Abortion on Demand. The MTP Act of 1971 and its amendment which allows abortion in case of rape, threat to the life and health of the mother, in case of disability of the chil

When we opened the doors to use Abortion as a population control method and a contraceptive slowly followed Abortions for convenience. Teen Pregnancy due to sexual promiscuity started to sweep the nation while we’re still fighting maternal mortality rates

When Marriage is broken, commitment is lost all that is left is one or the other individual exploited. Ultimately the most exploited is the child who will be killed by Abortion in order to hide or escape the situation. Abortion always leads to more Aborti

The Gates of Hell widened with Abortion leading to the attitude of using sex as sport and experiment without taking responsibility for the outcome. The outcome is one chaotic society who neither understand the glorious power of sex nor the reason behind t

For whatever reason, either in the case of Procured Abortion or in the case of Forced Abortion, Abortion has always exploited women. The exploitation is both physical, psychological and spiritual. Women who undergo Abortion are said to suffer from Post-Ab