The Culture War: United States of America and the legalization of Abortion in India

 India decriminalized abortion two years before United States in August 10, 1971. But what’s more shocking and wretched than this is the fact that the global abortion giant International…

19 Feb, 2018 By Uyirkkural

16 million abortions per year and India is set to liberalize abortion law

A recent study has found out that for every 2 seconds a child is killed by abortion in India. The summary of the study published in Lancet…

04 Jan, 2018 By Uyirkkural

Mother kills newborn daughter smothering with a pillow as she wanted a son

A 22-year-old mother Aarti was arrested in Ghaziabad, UP for smothering her newborn girl child with a pillow and killing her because she was upset over not having…

06 Dec, 2017 By Uyirkkural

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